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Artificial Grass FAQs

Your frequently asked questions answered
How much does an Artificial lawn cost?


The cost of a new artificial lawn is in the region of £50.00 (at sale price) to £70.00 per square meter for the supply and install of the lawn. The price varies depending upon the grass type chosen, the size of the area to be covered and your geographical location. The price however includes all ground work, the supply and fitting of your grass and disposal of the current surface.

Additional costs will depend upon the existing surface type and edging requirements. The larger the area to be covered the more cost effective per square meter.


What ongoing maintenance is required?


Very little maintenance is required for our Artificial lawns as they all have high quality piles.

Although the occasional brush to clean any fallen debris off is recommended. A full guide to looking after your lawn is always provided on completion of your installation.

Will I get any weeds growing through my lawn?


Unfortunately you can never stop mother nature, however all the grass we provide and fit comes with a thick backing to help prevent the growth of weeds through it plus when you choice The Easier Group to install your lawn, multiple layers of weed membrane are used during the installing of the base.


Does the grass smell if my dog/cat wees on it?


If The Easier Group install your new lawn then the top sub base layer will be a 6mm clean stone (NOT SAND), this helps prevent the build up of unwanted odors as rain water can freely drain through the whole system therefore cleaning the grass.

During dry periods the grass is suitable for a clean off with a hose and even some cleaning solutions. 


Is my new lawn safe for pets?


Yes, all the Artificial Grass we supply and fit is suitable for pets. This means they are unable to eat the product and that it can be cleaned using cemical solutions.

Will the sun effect my grass?


We only supply and fit Artificial Grass that has been UV treated and thoroughly tested and so the colour of your grass will stay true. we include UV deterioration on our 10 year guarantee.

How long will it take to install and do you remove ALL waste?


Most Artificial Grass installations take between 1 and 2 days which we will confirm when providing you with a quote. In regards to the waste, if your new lawn is installed by The Easier group then all waste generated by the installation including your existing base will be removed from your property before we complete the works.